Publicity, Public Relations Strategy & Media Relations

Ready About specialises in delivering strategic media campaigns that make a splash and deliver meaningful results for your business. Raising your media profile and communicating more effectively with your target audience through the appropriate communciation channels can add real value to the success of your organisation and ultimately your bottom line. ​


Our professional and creative approach is focused on developing and maintaining solid relationships on behalf of our clients with key media, target audiences and business, community and government stakeholders. Our superior and focused client representation ensures your message is being communicated, interpreted and received by the right audiences.

Our intention is to build your media profile long term and not just blow your trumpet on an ad hoc basis. We tailor a total solution for each client and manage all phases of the project development life-cycle from concept, design, implementation, delivery to post-analysis.


​Leverage our wealth of experience and expertise in working one-on-one with the media.​