Are You Ready To Communicate?

Definition: Ready About is a yachting term - a call made by the helmsperson to prepare the crew for a tack or gybe. When the crew say 'ready', the helm calls 'lee oh' before making the tack.


In The Beginning


Ready About Communications blossomed organically through word of mouth by designing strategic solutions that achieved maximum results and sparked the media's attention.


Our Philosophy


Is to go over and above 24/7. To zig when the competition zags by creating smart, creative, and strong campaigns that deliver. We value relationships, trust, honesty, professionalism, listening, relevance, timeliness, currency, adaptability, best practice, latest technology and tenacity.


Our Focus


Strategic Communications, Media Relations, Publicity, Public Relations, Social Media, Branding, Digital/Online Marketing, SEO, Apps, Web Strategy, Video Production, Copywriting, Journalism and Photography. 


Property, Sport, Lifestyle, Consumer, Visual Arts, Food, Publishing, Information Technology, Transport, Design, Architecture, Retail, Fashion, Travel and Tourism.


Individuals, Teams, SME's, Corporates and Government.


Get In Touch


Our aim is to drive your message into the stratosphere. Call us for a chat and discover how we can rev up your communications.


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